What often sets us apart from the rest is our attention to detail and understanding the requirements of the client when they need to deal with hazardous and non-hazardous soils on site.

Time and space is often a major consideration on site when it comes to the removal of any waste.  We offer a bespoke and flexible approach and strongly believe that building relationships based on trust and reliability are what make us a good choice.


Assisting you with your environmental responsibility

  • We recover, re-use and recycle contaminated materials. Nothing to landfill
  • Our services are environmentally relevant on contaminated, ex-industrial sites (Brownfield sites)
  • We are a regulated, auditable, fully operational and permitted facility
  • Our waste service uses codes of good environmental practice and innovative technology


Sustainability - Responding to the ever-growing need for soil recycling

“Sustainability is the continuous innovation, improvement and use of clean technology to reduce pollution levels and consumption of resources”.

In other words government and industry, because of landfill legislation and costs, have to become cleaner and more efficient. For many this is not an option but now a requirement. At Hazardous Waste Management Ltd we achieve these goals by reprocessing and re-using soil, whatever its origin. We commit to sustainability by treating and re-using surplus, and technically inferior, soils that in the UK would be land filled (at considerable cost both to the environment and the client).

Sampling & Testing

Using only UKAS and MCERTS accredited laboratories

Our field service technicians can offer on – site sampling of contaminated soils.  All teams are trained to operate on construction sites and to observe and adhere to all health and safety guidelines. HWM offer a thorough, intrusive soil investigation service – providing a range of analysis including Hydrocarbons, phenols, asbestos identification, volatile organic compounds and metals WAC tests for leachate can also be provided as per the landfill directive. Operational Area: Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, W. Sussex, Southwest & West London, Oxfordshire

Waste Removal

Running our own fleet of tippers for transporting waste to our own facility – gives the customer added confidence and control

When working with clients on the removal of waste from site we conform to the “Duty of Care” principle in the UK which ensures that all contaminated soil is stored and transported responsibly. We have a fleet of our own tipper vehicles and, when required, operate only with an extended network of partner hauliers that are authorised to deal with such a shipment (Environment Agency registered waste carrier). We have a robust and auditable management processes in place to ensure that records of all contaminated soil transferred and received are kept through a system of Waste Transfer Notes and Consignment Notes.